Art Therapy Review

This week's Sunday Art Therapy submissions were awesome! Take a look at our Flickr group slide show. I know you will be as inspired as I am. I have just begun working through Whitney Ferre's book, "The Artist Within". I'm so excited! I have also just met an new blogging friend, Kristin Renee' Wynegar from Live, Laugh, Craft.  She is working her way through Crafter's Devotional and has issued her own challenge to her followers.  Make sure you hop over to her beautiful blog and check it out. 

Thank you all who are taking this journey with me.  I know that it will open up endless possibilities as you begin to see the world through artist's eyes.

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  1. hey jenn,
    i saw you commented on my three sixty five blog...no one ever does so i was surprised today to find a comment on there. thanks. i will be checking around your blog just wanted to let you know i dropped in. i love esty so i
    go look at your pieces of jewelry.
    being creative is my drug i need it everyday.


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