Sunday Art Therapy #1

It's the first day of what I'm calling our Sunday Art Therapy linky party and Flickr group.  I have been thinking a lot about the circle of life this week.  I know this may sound a little cheesey, but stay with me here.  I have neighbor and friends who lost their daughter this week.  She drowned in a local lake and the divers still haven't recovered her body.  She was artistic, fun loving, and engaged to be married.  She and her mother had just picked out her wedding dress a week before.  Tonight, the community had a prayer vigil for her and her family.

Life truly is a circle, and as the bible teaches us, there is a season for everything.  So, using this as inspiration, I decided to do my first mandala as this week's art therapy piece.  Mandalas have had great artistic significance in many religions and cultures.  Basically, mandalas are colorful images based around a circle.  Here is mine.  I hope this alleviates any of your insecurities about your own drawings.

Here is a slideshow of some of the images that have been uploaded to the Flickr group.  Be sure to visit the group and comment on the submissions.

This linky list is now closed.

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