A Great Lake

On Thursday, we had no appointments a the Cleveland Clinic, so we decided to see the city a bit. We went through Cleveland's Little Italy. It was a very cute area with shops and bistros. We didn't stop because the entire area was on a hill that was way too steep for my wheelchair.

We meandered through the city until we came to Lake Erie. I was so excited to see my first Great Lake! Lonnie was born in Michigan and has traveled in the area a lot for work. But I could tell that he was excited to see me so excited. Cody loved it, too.

The sea gulls kept hovering right over us. I thought they were either going to swoop down and pick up Cody or poop all over us. We were able to get out of there clean and with yorkie in tow.

It was a lovely day and a new experience for me.

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  1. Hello Jen! Just wanted to say thanks for comment on my TCC in your words feature. :)

    BEST of luck with your embracing your creative side! Follow your passion, find your niche and enjoy the journey! :)


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