Chili 3-Way

Yesterday, I had my first taste of the famous Skyline Chili. I ordered chili 3-way which is chili, spaghetti, and cheese. I also got a Greek salad.

When I took my first bite, that distinctive taste hit my tongue. What was it? After several bites, I think I have it. Cinnamon? CINNAMON!! Guess who's allergic to cinnamon? That's right, this guy!

Do I stop eating? No. I take a Benadryl and keep going. My reaction is usually mild with just some itching. The worst reaction I ever had caused blisters in my mouth and vomiting.

I didn't finish my lunch and we started back to the hotel, and then it happened. My tongue started blistering. A couple more Benadryl finally calmed it down.

Little did I know that incident would be the beginning of a really bad day. More on that later.

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  1. Oh no! Why in the world would cinnamon be in chili?? Seems to me that that would be something that you accidently put in instead of chili powder or something. Hope you are feeling better!


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