Pressing Pause


This blog has been an amazing outlet for me over the past several months as I came to terms with my medical condition and transitioned from being a corporate accountant to a full-time patient and part-time hobbiest.  When I was lonely, I could always blog about my latest project attempt or check in on your creative genius.

There has been a lot of healing on these virtual pages.  Thank you for being a part of that.  Now, I feel it is time to press pause on Seeds on a Breeze.  I am not abandoning the wonderful world of blogging.  I will always be the one lurking on your pages, borrowing your ideas, and leaving you some comment love.  However, as I move into another phase of my new life, I feel the need to focus on my rehabilitation and getting as much physical strength back as possible.

At some point, I hope to return again to this blog stronger and more creatively fit as well. 

Seeds on a Breeze is all about inspiration.  I hope I have inspired you to create at whatever skill level you are at.  I am a firm believer that the process is more important than the outcome.  A good piece is one in which the viewer can see the artist's creative process, both technical and emotional, in the final product.  I also hope that I have spread the simple message of God's love for each one of us through the gift of his son, Jesus.  He is the Great Creator, the only one to have created everything from absolutely nothing. 


Be inspired by His creation and make something beautiful!


Sunday Art Therapy #20

I have been quite under the weather this week, and I have not been in my little studio in several days.  Hopefully, this week will be more productive.  Let's see how creative you've been this week.  I need some inspiration to get me going!

Also, the series of classes, 21 Secrets: An Art Journaling Playground, hosted by Dirty Footprints Studio is coming to a close this week.  I'd love for any of you that participated to share your pages in the Sunday Art Therapy Flickr group.  You can upload your fabulous works by clicking the link inside the slide show.

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Sunday Art Therapy #19

I was drooling over all the great projects you guys linked up last week.  I hope you all visited each other's posts, learned something new, and left nice comments.  Our feature this week comes from Claire and her blog, Saraccino.  Claire has had our feature project before, but I had to share with you her great tutorial on acetone transfers.

Acetone transfers by Saraccino
  I've never thought of using acetone as a transfer medium, but her projects turned out great.  For those of you who use gel medium as a transfer medium, like I do, you will want to try this.  Think of all the money you'll save!

I love the vintage look of these and can't wait to use this process on my next project.  Be sure and check out the tutorial here.

It's that time again.  You can add photos of your projects to the Sunday Art Therapy Flickr group by clicking on the link inside the slide show.  Also, you can link up at the party below.  Be sure and visit each other and leave some comment love.  The party will be open through Saturday, so link often!

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I've never been much for making New Year's resolutions, however, I've also been a big goal-setter.  The trouble is that I'm an over-achiever.  I will make myself sick trying to reach a goal, which was usually way more than any human could do in the time frame I gave myself, and then be absolutely devasted if I didn't make it.

This year, though, I thought I would use the New Year to turn over a new leaf.  I'm going to make only three resolutions and give myself room to achieve them and forgive myself if I fall short.  So, here they go:

Jenn's 2011 Resolutions:

1.  Spend more quality time in prayer.

2.  Walk, unassisted, to the end of my street and back.

3.  Try something new.

These are not the type of goals I usually make.  No time frame.  Other than #2, nothing detailed or measurable by gathering data and analyzing trends.  (You wouldn't think that a creative soul could be so analytical, but that's the battle that I fight daily!)  But, that's my new leaf.  To let things happen and develop as they do.  Slow down and learn from my experiences and enjoy life.  Hey, maybe I can go ahead and mark #3 off the list!  No, no, no.  The spirit of these resolutions is for them not to be completed and forgotten, but to be a continual journey that I can look forward to.

Did you make resolutions this year?


Sunday Art Therapy #18

Happy New Year!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I had a great time with friends and family and even got some crafting in.  Here are some fabulous infinity scarves that I made:

I apologize for not getting a picture of them being worn.

I saw this idea on TLC when they did a special on homemade Christmas gifts.  These scarves were made from 100% acrylic sweaters that I found at Goodwill.  (I made sure that I bought the ones that still had tags on them).  I also upcycled one of my own acrylic sweaters that was already destined for Goodwill.

Here's the simple how-to:

1.  Make sure your sweaters are 100% acrylic so that they do not ravel.  Any time of wool, cotten, or other natural fibers will need to be hemmed.

2.  Decide how wide you want your scarves to be.  I cut these 5 inches wide.  The length of your scarves will depend on the size of your sweater.  Try to get some extra large or big & tall sweaters for longer scarves.

3.  Use a rotary cutter and a large ruler and cut away.

This was a great no-sew project and was a huge hit at my family Christmas.

Can't wait to see what you've created!!  The link party will be open through Saturday, so link away!!

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