I've never been much for making New Year's resolutions, however, I've also been a big goal-setter.  The trouble is that I'm an over-achiever.  I will make myself sick trying to reach a goal, which was usually way more than any human could do in the time frame I gave myself, and then be absolutely devasted if I didn't make it.

This year, though, I thought I would use the New Year to turn over a new leaf.  I'm going to make only three resolutions and give myself room to achieve them and forgive myself if I fall short.  So, here they go:

Jenn's 2011 Resolutions:

1.  Spend more quality time in prayer.

2.  Walk, unassisted, to the end of my street and back.

3.  Try something new.

These are not the type of goals I usually make.  No time frame.  Other than #2, nothing detailed or measurable by gathering data and analyzing trends.  (You wouldn't think that a creative soul could be so analytical, but that's the battle that I fight daily!)  But, that's my new leaf.  To let things happen and develop as they do.  Slow down and learn from my experiences and enjoy life.  Hey, maybe I can go ahead and mark #3 off the list!  No, no, no.  The spirit of these resolutions is for them not to be completed and forgotten, but to be a continual journey that I can look forward to.

Did you make resolutions this year?

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