Sunday Art Therapy #3

I am loving my art journal. I know that my pages are not as professional looking as some of the ones that have been posted to the Art Therapy Flickr group, but I am having a lot of fun!

This week, I was able to get Whitney Ferre's book, The Artist Within, from my local library. I had to travel some this week, so I haven't gotten very far into it, but I have already learned a lot. Whitney begins by laying out the eight principles of design. They are emphasis, balance, proportion, unity, harmony, contrast, rhythm, and repetition. She makes great parallels between these design principles and areas in your life that may need attention, which is your life's untapped potential.

Whitney takes you through different creativity workouts meant to give you confidence in "making your mark." The first one was doodling non-stop for five minutes. This was my doodle.


I started with a pencil and added color later. I realize that my left brain is still trying to dominate as I struggled to doodle for the full five minutes and made marks that were very representational. I can't wait to see how my art grows as I work my way through the book.

Now, it's your turn. Let me see what you've done this week to tap into your inner muse. Click here for the rules. Click here for the Flickr group or add to the party below.

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