Sunday Art Therapy #4

It's that time again.  Show off what you've created this week!  All of your great photos, wall art, art journal pages, scrapbook pages, quilts, and other visual creations are welcome!  Here is one of the things that I've been up to this week. 

Prayer Mask

As you know, I've been working my way through Whitney Ferre's book, Creatively Fit.   One of the creative workouts in the book is to make a mask.  She walks the reader through the importance of masks to ceremonies of many different cultures as well as the artistic significance of their creation.  They were designed to bring the attributes of the symbols to its wearer.  For example, for a people about to go to war, a tribal dancer might wear a mask that might have images of eagles, gazelles, and bears, bringing out the qualities of awareness and stealth, speed, and strength.  She challenges you to make a mask using scraps of paper that shows traits or strengths you wish to have.  I chose a mask that brings out the qualities I want to have as a friend and a woman of God.

My journaling around the mask reads:  May my eyes always be joyful and attentive.  May my face always be a reflection of Christ, and may my mouth always speak words of beauty and enlightenment.  May my mind always be on the word of God.

I'm still getting the hang of collage, but I do have a tip on the cool writing I used for the "hair".  Take a pencil and draw pairs of "parallel" lines.  Give them some shape and the lines do not have to mimic each other.  Then, take your pen, maker, paint brush, or whatever else you are using and use the lines as a guide for your letters.  Let the edges of the letters touch both lines, following their shape.  You can erase the pencil lines when you are done. 

I plan on making more of these and hopefully getting more adventurous as I go.

Now it's your turn.  Link up your projects below and/or add them to our Flickr group.

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