Taking It to the Streets- Portable Crafting

Do you have a Travel Bag of Fabulousness?
A Satchel of Sanctuary?
A Bag of Bliss?

What else would you call your portable studio?  But, I don't travel, you say.  Neither do I very much, but sometimes I like to take my art outside on the patio.  Sometimes, I don't have the strength to walk into my studio, but I still want to doodle, or do something creative.  So, I put together my Travel Bag of Fabulousness.  (The name is not copyrighted.  You can use it too!) 

My bag consists of this:
  • Small backpack with enough pockets to keep things organized
  • Sketchbook
  • 2 pencil cases filled with small tubes of acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, coloring pencils, drawing pencils (2H, HB, 4B, and charcoal), pen nib and holder, oil pastels, q-tips, straight-edge, glue stick, cutterbug scissors, two paintbrushes (flat and round), pencil sharpener, eraser
  • plastic folder of magazine images and scrapbook paper pieces
  • small spray bottle of water
  • case of artist pens
  • box of watercolor crayons
  • pan of cake watercolors
  • small plastic palette
  • small bottle of gesso
  • cake of brush cleaning soap
  • bottle of india ink
  • couple of pieces of wax paper (to stick between my painted pages)
  • ziploc bag of baby wipes
I've never written all of this down before.  I think I should go in and do a little editing.  Needless to say, this might be a little much to take to a doctor's appointment or on a plane, but there's nothing here that wouldn't get through security as long as your bottle of gesso and india ink met the container and size requirements.

I'll share with you a couple of products that I learned about from Sarah Whitmire's 21 Secrets workshop called Jet-Set Journaling:  a watercolor brush pen and peerless watercolor papers.  They are already on my Christmas list!

So, whether you knit, scrapbook, art journal, sketch, or any other creative endeavor, how do you take it to the streets?

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  1. I don't take it to the streets. I have been invited to "crops" before but the thought of having to move any of my stuff isn't appealing at all. ha ha! I like to have ALL of my stuff available because I rarely go into a project with a set plan. I do more digital stuff now, so all I need is my laptop. Still, I've never done any designing for that outside my home. I could do it on my patio, but it's hard to see my laptop monitor very well in the sunlight.

  2. I did a vacation crafting kit for the first time this summer to make sure I had some basics I could use to create and I'm really glad I did it. It's dismantled now so I can't show you but would definitely do it again. I should do something for every day! Thanks for your invite to link up on Sunday and I will. I'm following you now too so I'll see it in my reader and not forget!

  3. This is so organized! My traveling kit is usually a Glad freezer bag with a few tools, beads and findings, tossed in at the last second just before I run out to the taxi to the airport. Then when I try to make anything, I find I forgot something important, and end up at a Michael's in whatever city, buying a duplicate of something I left at home. Grrr.


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