Fall Home Decor by Mandy's Yellow Corner

Well hello!

I am so excited to be here at Seeds on a Breeze!
Thanks so much for letting me visit, Jenn!

I'm Mandy, and I live in Colorado Springs with my dear husband and our puppy, Ali.

I write a blog called Mandy's Yellow Corner where I share my crafty endeavors...

Like my recreation of a beat up door that I was infatuated with...

Or my tutorial for making an Anthropologie Knock-off Necklace

Today I want to share something that I recently made for my mantel.
I wanted something that would remind me of fall and of God's goodness...

So I took a couple of pages from my old ruined books stash,
And burnt the edges a little bit
[I'm really into burnt paper at the moment]...

Then I cut some black paper to be the same size,
ripped it at the corner,
and burnt the edges...

Then I printed out 1 Chronicles 29:1
"Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name."

I ripped the page around the text and wrinkled it up to make it look old.
I even took a lit match and barely brushed it against the paper to discolor it slightly...

I glued all the layers together,
and here it is framed on my mantel:

If you enjoyed that tutorial, you may want to come over and check out some of my other tutorials.

Thanks again for having me on your lovely blog, Jenn!


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