Art Journal as Soul Mirror

Last week, I participated in Effy Wild's 21 Secrets class called "Art Journal as Soul Mirror". She took us through a wonderful meditation process that helped us find our passion. Honestly, that is something that I have been seeking for a very long time. The word that came out of my process was Creativity.  This was what I journaled before I started my page:

My soul's purpose is creativity in all of its wonderful and beautiful forms. Creativity is not creating. Only God can create something from nothing. Creativity is bringing elements together and making them into something they were never meant to be, giving them new life, making them into something larger than the sum of their parts, honoring them by believing in what they could be. Creativity is gathering together the outcast and the popular, marrying them together and letting them create their own harmony. This does not only happen with pen and paper, paint and brush, or other elements of the visual artist's mind, but it also happens with entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers, pastors and community workers--servants of God.

Lord, may I be creative in all that I do. I want to serve You, to be mature in my faith in you, and never be scared to BRING your chosen TOGETHER to BEGIN AGAIN, to create a new life, a new program, a new friend, or a new heart from all that was broken or cast aside. I have not lost my usefulness! Create in me a passion fueled by love and a servant's heart. Show me the path that I am to take, and give me the strength to walk down it.
Here is my page.  I really enjoyed the journey of its creation and I was amazed at all of the layers that emerged.

Bring Together Begin Again

If you haven't already created your own art journal page, I hope that I have inspired you to try it. If you feel like you need some help to get started, be sure to check out 21 Secrets hosted by Dirty Footprints Studio.


  1. So nice, Jenn! It's a beautiful page and post.

  2. Thanks, Michelle. This has been an amazing process!


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