Digital Scrapbook Page: Needle's Eye, Rock City, Chattanooga

I don’t do much digital scrapbooking, but this is one page that I really liked doing. The picture was taken in Chattanooga when my hubby and I spent a long weekend there to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was the most relaxing weekend that I could remember in a long time. The journaling reads: Inhale, breathe, meditate, simply feel, envision, relax, slowly let go of all the craziness of life and hear the sounds of God’s creation…now exhale and start again.

I believe scrapbooking, digital or paper, is a very personal form of collage.  You get to capture a memory while creating beautiful art that has tremendous personal value and the ability to translate the same message from viewer to viewer.  Scrapbookers, even newbies, tend to quickly develop their own style.  That's why I believe any scrapbooker could transition into collage, for art sake, very easily and successfully. 

So, my next canvas project will be a collage.  I'm not sure why I'm so nervous just thinking about it.  Hopefully, this will get me out of my analytical rut and free my creative genius :)

Background paper: Corina Nielson http://www.funkyplaygroundesigns.com/
Embellishments: Amy Teets http://www.scrapix-design.com/
Fonts: Shabby Princess www.shabbyprincess.com

Yes, that’s Cody in his bag. He loves that thing. He went everywhere with us: Rock City, Ruby Falls (yes, down into the cave), and even restaurants (shhh…don’t tell). He’s a little big for it now, but he still loves it. Check out this pick taken this year on our way to Jacksonville, FL.

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