A Bracelet Idea: An Epiphany in Sherbet

Ever had an epiphany?  One of those moments where you could almost see the light bulb switch on above your head?  That was me last week.  I had an epiphany in .....drum roll..... sherbet.  That’s right, sherbet. Orange to be exact. I’ve been hooked on the stuff lately. When I was making myself a big bowl of it before lunch this week, (yes, BEFORE lunch. I love being an adult!) I got a very interesting shape when scooping it with a spoon. I took a picture of it before I finished it off. Wouldn’t this be a great look for a bracelet? I’d love to be able to pull off this ruffled, or ruching, effect with paper but fabric might work best.

This is going to be fun. Don’t discriminate when a seed of inspiration finds you. It just might be in your next dessert.


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I think this is a great idea, and I'm excited to see how you recreate this effect!

  2. I have been on an orange sherbet kick too. Except I like to mix mine up in a glass with Sprite....yummy!


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