Yes, I'm Back!!!

I know that I have been away for a while. I appreciate the time you have given me to focus on my physical wellness. I still have a way to go until I can be without a wheelchair or crutches, but I have grown tired of exercising my body and not my creative spirit. So, I will be posting about all of my new adventures here once again.

Recently, I have been most inspired by our recent vacation to Savannah, GA. Almost immediately upon entering the city, I felt that my creative spirit had finally found a home. The city is so beautiful, laid back, and full of artistic vibrancy. Not to mention, those who call it home are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Now, I live in Tennessee and we pride ourselves on friendliness and hospitality, but Savannah takes southern hospitality to a whole new wonderful level.

"A Walk Through Forsyth"  (c) 2011 Jennifer Seratt
I dream of living there one day, but my husband does not share the same dream, so in Tennessee we will stay. I know it might sound quite silly, but I am most broken-hearted over the situation.

But, I am not letting this inspiration go to waste. I have vowed to paint every day. I hope to even begin to sell my works beginning with an artist's reception in late summer or early fall. Hopefully, pouring myself into my paints and brushes will being to heal my broken heart.

Before you go, take time to check out some of the wonderful artists we met:

A. T. Hun Gallery
Carrie Kellogg
Savannah City Market

Thank you for allowing me share my heart with you.  Until next time...


  1. Glad to have you back Jenn! I have loved looking at your Savannah pictures on FB. It was one of our favorite anniversary trips. Can't wait to see lots of creativity from you!

  2. Good to hear that you are getting better :) And welcome back! I am looking forward to see your new inspirations in your art :)

  3. Yay, welcome back to blogtopia! I have always wanted to go to Savannah. gorgeous pic!


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