Etsy Treasuries

I must admit that Etsy is my favorite online shopping experience.  And, I'm not just saying that because I also sell there.  (Warning:  Shameless Plug!!!  Dandelion Designs (dandedesign))  Browsing is easy, searching is fun, and finding treasures is exhilerating.  You can chat with artists and makers, request a custom item, and chat with other Etsy users.  You don't have to be an Etsy seller to sign up and experience everything that Etsy has.

One of the coolest features is Etsy Treasuries.  Treasuries are lists of items curated by an Etsy user.  They are often put together based on a theme, color, or keyword.  For example, here is one of my treasuries that I put together.  See if you can guess the keyword.

It is truly an honor to be featured in a treasury.  As an artist and maker, I really get giddy at the thought that someone searched hundreds of Etsy listings and thought mine was the perfect fit for their treasury.  It's like being featured in a gallery among so many wonderful pieces.  I have been fortunate enough to be featured in several treasuries.  Here are a few:

Be sure to click on these and leave the curators a comment that you saw their treasuries here.  You can even make a purchase straight from the list.  To see all the treasuries that I belong to, or to create one of your own, log on to Etsy and get your shop on!

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