Improvisational Journal Page

I just completed a journal page in one of the 21 Secrets workshops, "Improvisation Station".

 Natasha Reilly is the teacher and her effervescent personality is infectuous! I watch her videos over and over.  I actually joined her workshop and watched all her videos before we went on vacation, but I didn't actually do any of the journaling.

While we were in Savannah, I let the concept of the class really sink in and all the sights and sounds and emotions that I experienced there reveal to me who I really am.

The class started with us writing a standard introduction of ourselves.  You know like, "Hi, my name is Jenn.  I'm a wife in my 30's.....blah blah blah.  After I was finished with this exercise, I couldn't believe how many labels I put on myself.  Here is my first introduction:

After we wrote our introductions, we tore them up and wrote a new introduction in our journals.  This one was an intro without labels and without limts.  Everything that I had experienced in Savannah flooded back.  Here is my new introduction:

I plan on writing this on a big sheet in my "big girl" journal (a 18 x 23 watercolor pad) and keep adding to it.  Now came the fun improvisational part.  Natasha provided prompts that we were to choose at random.  I ended up with senses and the word "sensational".  I decided that the sense that I wanted to journal about was my sense of sight.  The things that I find sensational are all in nature.  So, I took my torn pieces and created a rose and dragon flies.

I really urge you to try this process.  Get out of the boxes that you put yourself in and discover who you really are.  Then, play a little improv game to get your journaling going.


  1. Funny how we define ourself in labels and how hard it is to really know who we are when we take those "boxes" away. Hmmm, I'm the warmth of a blanket on a cold winter night, a load roar of a motorcycle engine, the dirt under your fingernails, the earthworm in the garden. Wonder what else I am ... this blog has got me thinking. As always THANK YOU!! Time to start dusting off the paints me thinks.

  2. Susan, I love your limitless intro! I can really see you in your descriptions!

  3. Jennifer...I wish I could reach into this computer and hug YOU!!! Although I am still making my way through all the posts, I saw your work and fell in love with it. I LOVE the way the words peek through - it's like a window into your soul and the colors that you used are as beautiful and vibrant as your personality. You have left an unforgettable mark on me....unforgettable and I consider myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to know the beautiful, limitless YOU!!! You are a bright light with so much to share PLEASE keep sharing!!! Thank you for all of your kind words as well...you have touched me deeply!


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