Is Simple Better?

I have been at work on my first commissioned painting.  It is an abstract landscape of mountains and a field of wildflowers inspired by photographs taken in Denver, CO.  I've been creating studies, trying to determine the best media and exploring all the ways that this landscape can take form.  However, everytime I lay down what I think will be the underpainting, I step away and think, " Wow! I really like that."  I'm drawn to the looseness and simplicity of it.  It has movement and seems to already be telling a story.

As a new arist, I'm still developing my style and aesthetic.  I have so many interests that my style seems to be all over the place.  One day, I'm loose and working with wet paint and a big brush.  The next day, I'm in paper, texture medium, and working almost exclusively with a pallete knife.

However, ever since my visit to Savannah, something about the loose paint with lots of movement just speaks volumes to me.  Is this my signature style?  Who knows.  I'm not sure I definitely want a signature style.  What I do want is to stay authentic to my muse and just go with the flow.  I think that is what Savannah is all about.

I'm currently reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  It is so full of the sights and sounds that I remember of Savannah and the characters are just like the city, full of old southern charm and larger than life.  That is what I want to capture.  So, perhaps my style will be more of a state of mind rather than a brush stroke or color story.

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  1. I love to experiment and work with just everything which comes under my hands ^^ It is not one technique I favor or one material or kind of crafting... but as I had my first market I stand before the table and although there was so much different stuff on it... it all came together very well and I was so suroprised to finally see that there was a real signature to be seen. I found myself in there, in all the little pieces as well as in the big picture.

    So don't think or worry about a signature style... I think it would show up from itself if you put a lot of your work together and see it all at once :)


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