Sunday Art Therapy #12

Good morning, all of my lovely creative readers!  I am so excited about this week's feature artist, Denise from Junk Dog Design.  I recently stumbled across Denise's wonderful blog and have quickly become an avid follower.  She specializes in repurposing items into beautiful pieces of art.  Don't you just admire that kind of creativity?!

Last week, she linked up this gorgeous mixed media piece made of polymer clay tiles, metal, and recycled canvas, all displayed in a repurposed frame.  Everytime I look at it, I see something I hadn't noticed before.  The depth and texture are tremendous.

by Denise @ Junk Dog Design

by Denise @ Junk Dog Design
Be sure and check out Denise's blog, Junk Dog Design, and leave her some comment love.

Now, a little update on my own creative adventures.  I am still working through the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground online workshop.  I've hit a bit of a creative wall, but I think that is what art journaling is all about, working through those creative blocks until the dam breaks, and then watch out!  I got a little present in the mail the other day that came just in the nick of time-- my first moleskine journal.  {***sQuEaL*** with excitement!!}  I'm having a little out-patient procedure this week and I can't wait to take this baby along with my Travel Bag of Fabulousness and do some art journaling while waiting and recovering.

So, it's your turn to show what you've created this week (or any other ol' time).  Be sure to view the Flickr slideshow for more amazing inspiration.  The Flickr group is always open and ready for you to add your lovelies.  Just click the link inside the slideshow to join.  And, as always, the linky party is open through Tuesday, so link often!

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  1. Thank you so much Jenn for featuring Junkdog Design!!! Much Sunday love to you!

  2. This is SUCH an amazing piece! Wow!!!!

  3. Hi, Jenn! I adore the Junkdog pieces! Thanks for another lovely therapy party, and have a GOOD week. Best wishes on the medical thingy, I'm sure all will go well and you'll create plenty of art while hanging around in boring waiting rooms.


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