Sunday Art Therapy #14

I hope all of those who celebrated Thanksgiving this week have had a blessed time with friends and family, managed to travel safely, stuffed yourself with holiday fare, and hopefully was able to be a blessing to someone else.

I also hope you were able to get some crafty creativeness in this week.  I am excited to be featuring Michelle from Mich L. in L.A.  Michelle creates the most amazing jewelry out of the oddest things.  For example, wouldn't you love to have a pair of these?

Courtesy of Mich L. in L.A.
I am a sucker for anything that is (or even looks) vintage.  These chandies are right up my alley.  Who would know that Michelle paired the lovely ornate findings with the plastic centers from........Q-Tips???!!!  I'm not kidding!  Michelle has made gorgeous jewelry from plastic fly swatters, badminton birdies, broken hoses from her car engine, and breath strip packets. 

Michelle is an artist, a visionary, and an engineer.  Oh, to play in that brain of hers. 

Michelle, darlin', you are truly one of my favorite artists and greatest creative inspirations.  Thank you.

So, let's see what your amazing creative minds have been up to.  This week, feel free to post anything your kids or guests may have created during this holiday weekend.  I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

Remember, you can post to both the Flickr group (by clicking the link in the slideshow) and the linky party below.  Please check out each other's projects and leave some comment love.

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  1. Thank you ten million, Jenn! Kind of cool to be called an engineer - but you're actually so right, sometimes the architecture of jewelry can get pretty tricky. You are the best hostess and I do love your parties.

  2. Those are fantastic! Thanks for the linky!


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