BGC: Just Keep Diggin'

Here's an inspirational thought straight from the Brave Girls' Club:
"See……my compost…the scraps and waste of my life has been put deep into the soil and now it’s rich and fertile….just like a field or a garden that has been filled with fertilizer and compost that was made from things that we thought were nasty and stinky trash….it is going to be used to make the seeds grow…whatever we plant there, it will be ready to grow."
I've never thought of it quite that way.  God uses the scraps and trash in our lives to make our soil more fertile so that He can grow in us a great harvest. 

courtesy of the Brave Girls Club

Right now, I feel like God is turning my compost, getting it ready for the Spring planting.  I have great expectations of what He is going to do.  The Bible says that He is made stronger in our weakness.  Physically, I have never been weaker.  Sometimes, I feel the same way about my emotional state.  But I know that I when I completely depend on Him, He can reap a great harvest in my life; a harvest that is nurtured by the compost of my shortcomings, my weaknesses, my pain and anxiety, and even my tears. 

courtesy of the Brave Girls Club
 Time to plant your dreams and let God transform them into beautiful Spring blooms.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  No matter what your situation, we all have so much to be thankful for.  Take time to write down your blessings, you'll be amazed at them all!

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  1. So the crappy bits of our lives will be useful someday - that's really a great thought. Thanks, Jenn, I always enjoy your thoughtful posts.


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