Contrast:The Art of Adding a Little Interest

I receive a newsletter from Creatively Fit, a venture of Whitney Ferré, and decided to spend some time on Whitney’s website today. You have to visit her site. She is definitely a seed of inspiration! She got me all jazzed to do some painting. So, I pulled out an old canvas of a painting I had done a couple of months ago just to pass the time. I painted right over it. Here’s the new piece.

I used some of her techniques, such as creating texture with tissue paper that is stuck right on the canvas and using household items as a “stamp”. The whole process was quite liberating, but after it was dry, I realized that there was not enough contrast.

Contrast creates interest. We all need a little contrast in our lives. Food tastes better, your home décor is more striking, your outfit is more memorable, and friendships are more dynamic when there is contrast. Where can you add a little contrast today?

Be sure to post your contrast creations.


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